Compounded Natural and Organic Skincare on the Premises at The Natural Pharmacy

Laurie takes a unique approach when compounding her Natural Skincare line at The Natural Pharmacy. The power of using nutrition for your skincare reaps the rewards with glowing healthy skin.

“When your skin is healthy you need less makeup and if you do wear foundation it will glide on & enhance your skin as opposed to covering it up.”


Lombardi’s Natural Skincare and Dual Lip Stain & Gloss made the connection between harmful chemicals, hormone disruptors and how they can negatively affect the body.

  The Berries are infused with Vanilla & Peppermint Essential Oils, they are long-lasting and not tacky on the lips. You’re lips and body will thank you for using chemical free products!

Buy Three get one FREE!

Laurie Lombardi Skin and Eye Care